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Harry Potter's Invitation to the World

by Vickie Ewell


Chapter 1 - The Dursleys at First Glance
(HP Chapter 1)

At first glance, I wouldn’t call the Dursleys typical, even though Mr. Dursley kept insisting they were. Because the Dursleys know the wizarding world is there, they are more spiritually conscious than the greater portion of humanity, but they have reacted to that world by putting on a mask of normalcy and pretending it doesn’t exist. Unlike most of humanity who is totally blind to the spiritual world, the Dursleys have been made aware of its presence, but they have rejected it and labeled it evil.

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Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Wizarding World
(HP Chapter 1)

As Mr. Dursley watched the evening news, we hear that owls normally hunt at night and are seldom seen during daylight hours. That is their sleeping pattern. They sleep during the day and go about their lives during the night. That sleeping pattern mirrors the sleeping pattern of Muggles. A mirror reflects what looks into it, but that reflection always appears backwards. Right and left are reversed depending upon perspective.

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Chapter 3 - Leaving Harry at the Dursleys
(HP Chapter 1)

Professor McGonagall’s reaction to Hagrid bringing Harry to Privet Drive questioned Dumbledore’s wisdom. That tells me the two characters are rather close, and that Dumbledore played a deeper role in her life than just a teacher or boss. It also shows how intellectual ability and wisdom are not the same thing. Professor McGonagall is looking at Hagrid from a point of intellectual reason, how he’s behaved in the past is how he will always be, while Dumbledore is looking at Hagrid as if he already were who he will one day become.

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Chapter 4 - The Trip to the Zoo
(HP Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 began by telling us that hardly anything had changed at the Dursleys over the past 10 years. Dudley was still the center of Mr. and Mrs. Dursley’s life, they catered to his every whim, and gave into him whenever he threw a tantrum.

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Chapter 5 - The First Letter of Invitation
(HP Chapter 3)

The man-made world that surrounded Harry was dark, depressing, and hopeless. Since uncle Vernon blamed the snake’s escape on him, Harry had been locked up inside the cupboard for weeks. When he finally got out, he had to cleverly avoid Dudley and gang. Generally, that meant staying away from the house as much as possible.

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Chapter 6 – Additional Invitations Arrive
(HP Chapter 3)

Dudley was having a difficult time dealing with his parents’ decision that Harry needed one of his bedrooms. He went through several of his old manipulating techniques, such as screaming, hitting, kicking, and throwing things, but nothing worked. Harry was blaming himself for not opening the letter in the hallway before returning to the kitchen, and Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were terrified – so terrified, that Mr. Dursley made Dudley go retrieve the mail (rather than Harry) when it arrived that day.

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Chapter 7 – Mr. Dursley Tried to Hide Harry
(HP Chapter 3)

Dudley was used to the comforts of life. He had no idea that a Wizarding World existed, and that dad was trying to prevent that world from contacting Harry. To him, dad was just acting like a fruitcake. Dudley was curious as to who was trying so hard to contact Harry, but going all day without food, television, and his computer games turned him into an emotional mess. He was hungry and going through physical-world withdrawals.

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Chapter 8 – The Keeper of the Keys
(HP Chapter 4)

At the knock on the door, Mr. Dursley came racing into the living room with a rifle. Despite the Dursley’s neglectful parenting of Harry, Vernon was prepared at that moment to physically defend his family. Or at least, he figured the sight of a gun might be enough to scare away the intruder because he warned the person who was knocking on the door that he was armed.

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Chapter 9 – Hagrid Reveals Harry’s True Identity
(HP Chapter 4)

Hagrid went to work immediately lighting a fire in the fireplace, the heart of the home, which filled Harry from head to toe with warmth. Many spiritual traditions believe that when the Masters of Compassion, angels, or higher vibrational beings, are around, those who are sensitive to spiritual things can actually feel the heat their vibration puts off.

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Chapter 10 – Harry Learns About Hogwarts
(HP Chapter 4)

After Hagrid’s revelation that Harry was a wizard, everyone in the room went completely silent. All they could hear was the sea and the whistling wind. Biblical scripture tells us that those filled with The Holy Spirit are like the wind. We can hear the wind. We can see its effects, but we do not know where it comes from or where it is going. Neither can we stop it or control it. It comes and goes as it pleases.

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Chapter 11 – Harry Learns About Himself (HP Chapter 4)

Chapter 12 – Getting Harry Off the Rock (HP Chapter 5)

Chapter 13 – The Leaky Cauldron (HP Chapter 5)

Chapter 14 – Harry Enters Gringotts (HP Chapter 5)

Chapter 15 – Harry’s Descent Into Hell (HP Chapter 5)

Chapter 16 – Harry Meets Draco Malfoy (HP Chapter 5)

Chapter 17 – Hagrid Gives Harry Hedwig (HP Chapter 5)

Chapter 18 – Harry Gets His Wand (HP Chapter 5)

Chapter 19 – Getting Onto the Train for Hogwarts (HP Chapter 6)

Chapter 20 – Harry Meets Ron Weasley (HP Chapter 6)

Chapter 21 – Harry Meets Neville Longbottom (HP Chapter 6)

Chapter 22 – Harry Meets Hermione Granger (HP Chapter 6)

Chapter 23 – Harry Follows Hagrid (HP Chapter 6)

Chapter 24 – Harry’s First Experience with Ghosts (HP Chapter 7)

Chapter 25 – The Sorting Hat (HP Chapter 7)

Chapter 26 – Harry Learns More About Neville (HP Chapter 7)

Chapter 27 – Harry Judges Snape (HP Chapter 7)

Chapter 28 – Harry is Introduced to Life at Hogwarts (HP Chapter 8)

Chapter 29 – Dark Arts and the Potions Classroom (HP Chapter 8)

Chapter 30 – The Potions Master (HP Chapter 8)

Chapter 31 – Neville Receives a Remembrall (HP Chapter 9)

Chapter 32 – Harry Learns About The Fall (HP Chapter 9)

Chapter 33 – Harry Confronts Draco in the Air (HP Chapter 9)

Chapter 34 – Harry Becomes a Seeker (HP Chapter 9)

Chapter 35 – Harry Meets Fluffy (HP Chapter 9)

Chapter 36 – Harry Receives a Nimbus Two Thousand (HP Chapter 10)

Chapter 37 – Harry Checks Out the Quidditch Field (HP Chapter 10)

Chapter 38 – Harry Learns to Play Quidditch (HP Chapter 10)

Chapter 39 – Learning to Raise a Feather (HP Chapter 10)

Chapter 40 – Ron and Harry Fight the Troll (HP Chapter 10)

Chapter 41 – Hermione, Ron, and Harry Become Friends (HP Chapter 10)

Chapter 42 – Hermione Kindles an Inner Fire (HP Chapter 11)

Chapter 43 – The Three Headed Dog Wounded Snape (HP Chapter 11)

Chapter 44 – Harry’s First Quidditch Game Begins (HP Chapter 11)

Chapter 45 – Someone Jinxes Harry’s Broom (HP Chapter 11)

Chapter 46 – Hermione Reacts to Save Harry (HP Chapter 11)

Chapter 47 – Christmas Tree Analogy (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 48 – The Kids Look for Nicolas Flamel (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 49 – Harry Receives the Invisibility Cloak (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 50 – Christmas Dinner (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 51 – Harry Discovers the Mirror of Erised (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 52 – Harry Sees His Family in the Mirror (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 53 – Ron’s Experience with The Mirror (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 54 – Dumbledore Teaches About the Mirror (HP Chapter 12)

Chapter 55 – The Sorting Hat is Never Wrong (HP Chapter 13)

Chapter 56 – Neville Hands Harry Nicolas Flamel (HP Chapter 13)

Chapter 57 – Harry’s Second Quidditch Game (HP Chapter 13)

Chapter 58 – Harry Followed Snape into the Forbidden Forest (HP Chapter 13)

Chapter 59 – Hermione Suffers Text Anxiety (HP Chapter 14)

Chapter 60 – Hagrid’s Dragon Hatches (HP Chapter 14)

Chapter 61 – Helping Hagrid’s Dragon Escape (HP Chapter 14)

Chapter 62 – Harry Falls From Grace (HP Chapter 15)

Chapter 63 – Harry’s Vow is Put to the Test (HP Chapter 15)

Chapter 64 – The Kids Meet Hagrid for Detention (HP Chapter 15))

Chapter 65 – Harry Learns About Unicorns (HP Chapter 15)

Chapter 66 – Harry and Hermione Meet the Centaurs (HP Chapter 15)

Chapter 67 – Firenze Saves Harry (HP Chapter 15)

Chapter 68 – Initiation Begins (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 69 – Harry Begins to Question Hagrid (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 70 – Hagrid Reveals His Secret (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 71 – Harry Tries to See Dumbledore (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 72 – Harry Decides to Go Through the Trapdoor (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 73 – Neville Stands Up to His Friends (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 74 – The Kids Reach the Third Floor (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 75 – Learning About the One Power (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 76 – Going Through the Trapdoor (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 77 – The Power of Astral Light (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 78 – The Kids Discover Their Deception (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 79 – Finding the Key to What’s Going On (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 80 – Preparing to Play Real Wizard’s Chess (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 81 – Ron Sacrifices His Self (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 82 – The Dead Troll (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 83 – The Fake Locket (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 84 – The Violet and Black Flames (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 85 – Snape’s Riddle (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 86 – Harry Saves Hermione (HP Chapter 16)

Chapter 87 – Magician Meets the Devil (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 88 – Quirrell Clears Up a Few Misconceptions (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 89 – Harry Starts To Wake Up (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 90 – There is No Good or Evil (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 91 – Harry Looks Into the Mirror (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 92 – Harry Receives the Philosopher’s Stone (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 93 – Harry Faces Voldemort (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 94 – Voldemort Threatens Harry’s Life (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 95 – Voldemort Demands the Philosopher’s Stone (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 96 – Harry Fights For His Life (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 97 – Harry Wakes Up (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 98 – Flamel Destroyed the Stone (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 99 – Dumbledore’s Key to Receiving the Stone (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 100 – Harry Visits with His Friends (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 101 – Harry Visits With Hagrid (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 102 – Gryffindore Wins the House Cup (HP Chapter 17)

Chapter 103 – Ginny Finds Her Harry Potter (HP Chapter 17)