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Harry Potter For Seekers

Welcome to the Harry Potter For Seekers Website.


This website is to help you see that Harry Potter is not just children’s fantasy literature. It is in reality a profound and deeply spiritual alchemical work, saturated with alchemical symbols, themes and ideas. There are some remarkable similarities to The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosycross, published in 1616.

When Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in 1997 it heralded a new worldwide interest in alchemy. This interest has been quickly increasing and intensifying, as is witnessed by all the alchemy conferences this decade. I am therefore confident in making the following


I predict that a new world spiritual movement will begin. This will last for centuries and will be known under the name of:


This alchemy will have two distinguishing hallmarks:

its deepest essence will be esoteric


its modern teachings, symbols and terminology will be


This prediction is contained in the magic formula:

The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross.

The new spiritual movement will be a marriage of alchemy, esoteric Christianity and Rosicrucianism.

In this modern alchemy, Christianity will be freed of its historic fetters and returned to what it was originally: symbolic teachings of an alchemical process that can transmute man from a biological creature subject to evil, suffering and death, to an immortal and divine child of God, living in a universe of infinite goodness and glory. This is what the gospels originally meant, this is what Harry Potter symbolises, and this is what alchemy really aimed at when it talked about changing lead into gold and making the elixir of life.

On the Alchemy Page I discuss some of the obvious alchemical elements in Harry Potter.

On the Symbols Pages I discuss what the various characters symbolise, in addition to the magical creatures and the other symbols.

To understand what I mean by Harry Potter symbolising transmutation please read my article The Great Conspiracy in Harry Potter.

What I mean by esoteric Christianity is explained in the article The Two Greatest Conspiracies of the Last Two Millennia.

The Home Page will help you orient yourself on the website and find out all that’s there.

Alchemy will bring to humanity a time of spiritual freedom and advancement. It will free us from the shackles of indoctrination by authorities, from the belief in the historical existence of one man who can save the whole world, and from the literal interpretation of symbolic teachings that have been handed down through the centuries. Instead it will bring to people the understanding that within them sleeps the inner Christ who is their sole access to the Godhead, to eternal life, and to absolute goodness, truth and justice.

In my lecture to the Alchemy Conference I revealed many of the alchemical symbols in Harry Potter, and especially the similarities to The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosycross. In the second part I explained what liberating alchemy is about, and how this is symbolised in the story of Harry Potter.

Hans Andréa


My prediction is supported by Rudolf Steiner in his statement: From the twentieth century onwards all religions will come to be reconciled in the mystery of Rosicrucianism. And in the course of the next three thousand years this will become possible because it will no longer be necessary to teach from records or documents; for through beholding Christ, human beings will themselves learn to understand the experience Paul had on the way to Damascus. Humankind itself will pass through the experience of Paul.
(Christian Rosencreutz, Rudolf Steiner. Sophia Books, Forrest Row, U.K., 2001)

Recommended Reading

The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross

For a brilliant explanation of The Chymical Wedding read Jan van Rijckenborgh’s The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross Part 1 and Part 2 available from Amazon.

The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross Part 1

There is a mysterious link between The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosycross and Harry Potter. Some of the superficial similarities are clear and obvious. There are many more subtle ones which I will explain in my lecture.

But so what? What if there are similarities between Harry Potter and the Chymical Wedding? What does that prove?

It proves that Harry Potter is a book which can change the spiritual future of humanity! I can say that with so much certainty because the Chymical Wedding is one of the most sublime and intensely powerful spiritual works written in modern times!

However its language is symbolic and deeply veiled. And so is Harry Potter.

Jan van Rijckenborgh has lifted the veil to a large extent and explained the symbolism clearly, so that when we read The Chymical Wedding its message can pierce our heart and soul. The same symbolism is used in Harry Potter and so its message turns out to be exactly the same!

What exactly is that message?

The absolute, indissoluble marriage of the Spirit of God with the reborn human Soul and the transfigured personality, which is the perfect instrument of the Soul.

That is the purpose of life on earth; that is the Divine Plan at the foundation of this universe; that is the message of The Chymical Wedding, Harry Potter, the Bible, The Divine Comedy and many of the world’s scriptures, myths and epics.

That is Alchemy; that is making the Philosopher's Stone; that is the Opus Magnum.

Reading Jan van Rijckenborgh's The Alchemical Wedding with an open heart and a humble mind will take you on a path that begins where you are now and leads upwards, through all the processes of transmutation, into the abstract regions of the Spirit, where our mind cannot as yet follow.

It will enable you to see that alchemy is in fact not mysterious or difficult to understand. For those who hear the call of God to return to the Fatherland it’s simple and straightforward – but it does take courage, determination, and the willingness to sacrifice: to give up one's whole earthly, biological being, including the I-centred consciousness. In other words, to go on the hero’s journey that Harry Potter went; the journey to defeat the evil within, to defeat our inner Voldemort.

Here is a short list of stages in the journey:

  1. The letter of invitation
  2. The dream of liberation
  3. CRC starts the journey and faces 4 choices.
  4. He enters the gates of the castle.
  5. The candidates are weighed as to their virtues.
  6. The successful candidates are honoured and the failed ones sentenced.
  7. The sentences are carried out.
  8. Explanations of symbols: unicorn, lion, dove, phoenix, the castle, etc.
  9. The need for absolute purity in motives, thoughts, feelings and desires
  10. Privileges and new robes given to the successful candidates
  11. The candidates visit the 6 monarchs who sacrifice themselves
  12. The candidates watch a play which symbolises the whole process
  13. The decapitation of the 6 monarchs
  14. CRC visits the sepulchre of Venus
  15. The voyage to the Tower of Olympus
  16. The candidates travel up the levels of the tower to do the great alchemical work to bring the king and queen back to life.
  17. The resurrection of the New Man

This whole journey is the journey that not only Christian Rosycross makes, but also Harry Potter, Dante, Jesus, and all others who have died as to self, and been reborn in the Holy Spirit.

Here follow a few quotes which sum up what the book is about.

Who was, or rather, who is Christian Rosycross? He is the prototype of the true, original man, the new man who is truly Christian; who has freed the Christ within him by walking the path of the cross in the power of the rose.
The path of liberation that dialectical man must follow is the path of the fivefold Gnosis. And that is the way of the cross. In a cross two lines of force meet which are diametrically opposed. It means a total change, a conversion of forces, an alchemical transmutation. The rose within man must be linked with its true life-field, the field of immortality. The rose must be freed through the way of the cross of transfiguration. That is why we speak of the Rosycross. This work has to be done in the power of Christ, the electromagnetic power of the universal life. That is why the person who truly follows and fulfils this path is a Christian Rosycross.

This book is meant to be a key to the path. Whoever realises he has received a key also knows there will be a door into which it fits, and if there is a door there is also a house. And we would like to make you aware of the fact that this is the house of mankind that Christ called “my Father’s House”, in which there are many mansions.

Only a great modesty and self-knowledge make CRC victorious. When, having reached the end of his ordeal, he must write his name in a small chapel, he writes: Summa Scientia Nihil Scire – The highest knowledge is to know that we know nothing.

Alchemy Conference 2009